Our BackPack Flag kit gives you a unique, innovative, and hands-free way to give your brand some exposure. The comfortable BackPack Flag kit is available with a single or double-sided printed flag. Each specific pole kit provides the ability to fully view your custom printed message when there is no wind. Towering high above you, this backpack carrying flag kit is sure to create interest and gain attention when used at any event.


47.75" x 16.5"




Print Options:
Single Reverse - Ink is pushed through the fabric so that colors and images are clearly visible from both sides (close to 100% ink penetration), though images and text will be read in reverse on the back side of the flag.
Double Sided - This option consists of two seperate prints, one for each side, with a liner sewn in between to keep images from showing through. These two prints can be the same on each side, or two different prints all together.

Custom Backpack Blade Flag - Custom Design and Hardware

  • This is a custom product and approved by the customer prior to printing and shipment.  All sales are final.  If there is a defect please submit an inquiry within 2 days of receiving the product.